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Mainz House of Representatives, Petra Goldmann, 1999
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Architectural Design

Art incorporated into architecture opens our senses for aesthetics and beauty, both new and unusual. Dichroic glass used in architectural design can look like it is alive and ever-changing due to the interaction of light and viewing angle. Arranged in an artistic manner, dichroic glass can give life to your design and provide a bridge between today and the future.

Variotrans© is a perfect material for glass art with color characteristics unique to our manufacturing processes. It may be used wherever light and movement play a role, where innovative statements can be supported by color, or wherever a bold and unique statement needs to be made.


"Zwei Licht-Prismen", Centrum Bank Vaduz, Heinz Mack, 2002

Ernst Mack dichroitische Glaskunst

Kunst am Bau - Petra Goldmann Abgeordnetenhaus in Mainz

Kunst am Bau  Kreissparkasse Tübingen – Turm  Bernhard Huber
Kai Winkler Kunst am Bau Fürth
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