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Variotrans© Interior

Transparency and light, color plays and incomparable reactions to light give a new image to architectural spaces. Interiors are exposed and are nevertheless optically separated from each other. Dichroic glass can give new insights and make new design concepts possible, wherever they are desired. Appearing weightless, but of tremendous stability, glass is the ideal material for the elegant division of areas in spatial arrangement. Dichrois coated glasses appear to be transparent at one moment, but from a new angle and in the next moment, a new color variable appears.


Dichroitische Glasdecke am Flughafen Innsbruck

Künstler Eliasson - Schaufenster mit dichrotischem Glas Dekoration Luis Vitton

Kunst am Bau Hängedecke dichroitisches Glas Karlsruhe


Dekoration vielfarbiges Glas Minneapolis

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