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Indoor application  Indoor application Doors Interior design Artwork
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Indoor application  Indoor application
Dichroic glass door - gradients
Dichroic glass door - Color effects
Dichroic glass door through-view
Dichroic glass doors - different illumination
Dichroic glass door Color gradients
Interior design
Outside glass design - The bridge
Indoor Design glass ceiling installation
Indoor design - Window installation
Indoor design - roof light design
Indoor design - Dichroic installation staircase
Objects of art - Opera house lamps
Objects of art - Lamp design Copenhagen Opera house
Objects of art - MoMa installation exhibition
Objects of art - Striped Eye Lamp Opera Eliasson
Objects of art - Limbo Lamp
Outdoor application  Outdoor application
Façade Design
Facade harpa variotrans
Facade harpa evening
Facade harpa variotrans inside
Facade design - dicroic color glass balconies
Facade design - patio with dichroic glass
Architectural Art Design
Art on the construction - column ensemble
Art on the construction - Light prisms
Art on the construction - suspended mobile Mainz
Art on the construction - tower
Art on the construction - light shrine
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Blue filter
Green filter
Yellow filter
Pink filter
Gradient filter
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